How Does Our Solution Benefit Your Business

Connecting Offline to Online Journeys
Continuity between physical and digital

Increasing Conversions
Inspiring audience engagements & purchases

Redefining Customer Experiences
Interactive brand showcasing like never before

Potential interaction


The sky’s the limit! Brand marketers can choose to create experiential customer journeys or enhance brand loyalty with our solution that connects physical media to digital assets. Below are some the possible interaction.

  • Website
  • Survey
  • Video
  • Contest
  • Freebies
  • Coupon
  • Vote
  • Chatbot
  • M-commerce
  • Social media

Transform Your Business Using Image and Video Recognition

Scan & Buy

Scanto’s proprietary Image and Video Recognition Technology is able to connect offline media with online platforms, with merely a scan of any physical media or marketing collateral. Coupled with other functions like e-commerce, chatbots, discount coupons, polls and surveys, we are able to offer companies and brands more personalised customer interactions along with more streamlined processes when it comes to business dealings.