Glimpses of the World of Tech

Scanto’s Visual Recognition Technology Now Part of Latest Big Tree Outdoor’s OOH solution in Malaysia

Big Tree Outdoor’s recent event, Bridging Experience, was an afternoon of fun and excitement organised to showcase their new, cutting-edge ad solution, Big+, that promises to revolutionise traditional out-of-home advertising in Malaysia.

Gamification: A Strategy for Successful Customer Engagement

Empirically, we see brands utilizing gamifications to engage with their consumers and this seems like a growing phenomenon. According to Gabe Zichermann, the co-author of Gamification by Design, “gamification is 75 percent psychology and 25 percent technology.”

Scanto Technology present at ASEAN Business and Investment Summit 2018

A premier ASEAN event, the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit (ABIS) 2018 held from 12 to 13 November 2018 at Sands Expo Convention Centre saw the turnout of ASEAN leaders, business leaders, entrepreneurs and key decision makers in ASEAN’s business and investment landscape.

Scanto Technology Showcases its Patented VRT at AI-Centric Conference

According to the latest survey of IT professionals conducted by Seagate Technology, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in Singapore has become so robust that at least six in 10 organisations have implemented AI in one form or another like information technology, supply chain and logistics, customer support as well as research and development.

A Suite of AI Services to Boost Traditional Media Businesses

Whether you’re a technology geek, a television binge-watcher or a video junkie, you’re very likely to be aware that new technologies have completely changed the way we consume information as well as to connect and communicate with one another.

Applications of Video-Image-Chatbot Solution for Efficient Events Management

Similar to the applications of Mobile Events App in being a major disruptor in the events industry, AI Chatbots offer plenty of opportunities for event managers to maximise workflow and efficiency. With the combination of Video and Image Recognition Technology, let us take a look at how Scanto’s suite of AI solutions is able to help the MICE industry streamline their services and reduce overhead costs.

Positive Effects on E-Commerce: Combining Visual Recognition Technology with Chatbot

Psychologist John Gartner predicts that by 2020, over 80 per cent of all customer interactions will be dominated by artificial intelligence (AI). Of which, one of the most powerful and trendy solutions would be visual and voice search.

Tapping onto AI Chatbots for Messenger Marketing

Powered by natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI) and voice-controlled technology, AI chatbots are becoming a preferred communication tool for many businesses when it comes to customer service and marketing.

Debunking the Myths of Image Recognition

Image recognition is defined as the pixel and patterned analysis of visuals that computers can undertake to interpret what is being captured by the technology. Speaking of which, image recognition is an integral part of the machine vision process that encompasses everything from object and character recognition (OCR) to text and sentiment analysis.

Tapping onto Second Screen Apps as an Innovative Way to Monetise

One eye on the television screen, another on your smartphone…Do you relate with this scenario? In this digital age, more and more users (above 80 per cent) are using mobile devices while watching television, and this gives rise to the second screen phenomenon.

Scanto Technology as the Official Event App Partner for RetailEX ASEAN 2018

Scanto was the Official Event App Partner for the RetailEX ASEAN event held from Wednesday, 19 September 2018 to Friday, 21 September 2018 at IMPACT Convention and Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand. With that, it was a privilege to have all of the logos and posters belonging to the sponsors and exhibitors visually interactable with the RetailEX ASEAN app which is powered by Scanto’s technology.

What JDVirtual could’ve done with Scanto’s Video and Image Recognition Technology

Just last Friday, e27 and TechInAsia reported the news about JD.ID introducing its modern retail by the name of “JDVirtual”

How to make your exhibition stand out

ION Orchard is committed to bringing customers an integrated mall experience. It is beyond just a shopping and dining favourite among locals, as it prides itself in its ION Art Gallery which features exquisite modern & contemporary art from all over the world.

An epic way to engage your live audience and boost viewership

On average 88% of viewers are on a second device while watching television. RTL CBS wanted to leverage this second screen phenomenon and capture viewers’ full attention by creating a new experience for the viewers at home, enabling them to engage directly with the show through their second device.

Reversing the Retail Apocalypse: Sustaining & Improving Revenue Growth at your Brick-and-Motar Stores  

CHARLES & KEITH aims to inspire customers with the latest fashion trends encompassing distinctive, contemporary and modern styles. From casual to formal, classy to edgy, CHARLES & KEITH products never fail to make a statement. They are the go-to fashion choice for every occasion.

Reviving and Increasing Print Publication Sales & Readership  

Customers were actively downloading the Scanto application to scan the magazine pages with a scanning rate of 8.1%. ELLE Malaysia has not only received astonishing numbers of customer interactions from 6 different countries, but they also experienced a social buzz.

A smart strategy to increase viewership for your broadcast programmes

HISTORY™ is the leading destination for hit series and award-winning event specials that connect history with viewers in an informative, immersive and fascinating manner across multiple platforms.

What makes a successful travelling exhibit

Insight Vacations ®, the leader in premium and luxury escorted journeys, partnered with Scanto Technology in an effort to engage and interact with their customers at NATAS 2018 and Travel Revolution 2018 in celebration of Insight Vacations’ 40th Anniversary.

How to increase community outreach effectively

Keat Hong Community Club held its grand opening on 5 May 2018 as a smart community club. In line with the grand opening, the community club launched the Keat Hong mobile app as a revolutionary way to increase customer engagement by providing a smart and interactive visual layer to the residents’ interactions at the community club.

Attract more visitors to your conferences with this memorable tactic  

RetailEX ASEAN is the first largest retail conference in Southeast Asia to adopt Scanto’s Video and Image Recognition Technology which allowed visitors to enjoy a seamless digital experience at the exhibition.